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Dark Elves Revealed

Marksman Stockhouse

The Stockhouse, as the name implies, is essentially a large storage area, with a few bunk beds. Even though Marksmen use only small amounts of ammunition per target due to their incredible accuracy, they still have to practice daily in order to maintain their skills. Dark Elven Warlords have found that storing large amounts of crossbows and crossbow supplies, such as replacement parts and bolts, is a necessary practice.

The Stockhouse is fairly spartan, and contains little besides large racks of equipment. Although Marksmen have often complained about this, Marksmen complain about a lot of things due to their station in life. Despite the complaints, the bunk-bed sleeping arrangements they enjoy are still a huge step up from the communal sleeping areas that most Gremlins enjoy.

Like the Marksman, the Stockhouse is the essence of efficiency. It does exactly what it needs to: nothing more, and nothing less.

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