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Dark Elves Revealed

Gremlin Raider

Though Moags are often used as war beasts, bearing down on their Gremlin masters' foes, they are also useful as mounts and can easily carry the weight of a Gremlin. A mounted Gremlin is a demonstration that the whole can often be greater than the sum of its parts.

By using a triad of "resonators" hooked onto the Moag saddle, Gremlins are able to automagically, in the very literal sense, increase the range and power of their arc spear, transforming it into a weapon with nearly the range of a Marksman's crossbow. The resonators are essentially magnets, slightly altered by a simple spell that the Dark Elves have allowed the Gremlins to learn. Armed with an enhanced power source, Gremlins are able to engage in powerful hit-and-run attacks, effectively acting as skirmishers. Sometimes, Gremlins will ride Moags to a destination, only to dismount; the capacity to mount greatly increases deployment speed as well.

Although Gremlin Raiders are hardly effective against longer-ranged units, they do prove devastating against slower melee troops, as well as short-range artillery. Hit-and-run attacks from Raiders are also effective in eliminating enemy spellcasters early in a battle. In a pinch, shrewd Dark Elven commanders often balance their forces by using Raiders to replace fallen Marksmen.

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