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Dark Elves Revealed

Dark Elven Outpost

The Dark Elven Outpost is a center for the day-to-day operations of distant or newly conquered provinces held by Dark Elven armies. Resonsible for receiving and storing Aether, Ikon and Arikon, Outposts are the backbone of the Dark Elven production structure.

Outposts also contain war rooms to make plans, meeting rooms to strike business deals, and well-furnished guest chambers for emissaries. An outpost is essentially a palace in function, but without as many of the luxious dressings; Dark Elves place efficiency over everything else. Of course, the Dark Elves never give up all of their luxuries and Outposts are lavish by some culture's standards.

Heavily armored, the Outpost is nearly a fortress in and of itself -- at least in its ability to sustain damage and stay standing. When fortified with Gremlin Turrets it can easily hold out against an enemy onslaught for some time. Because of this and the expensive Aether receving and storing equipment within, Outposts are very expensive to build. Nonetheless, resourceful Dark Elven commanders will often build several in the same province simply because they are not only easy to defend, but because having an outpost near an Aether well greatly reduces transmission loss. An Outpost can quickly pay for itself in savings by reducing the distance Aether must travel before being stored.

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