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Dark Elves Revealed

Moag Pens

Although Moags prefer to roam free and spend most of their time playing or hunting away from Gremlin settlements, they eventually come home to their Gremlin masters. Moags normally live with Gremlins, but during a war it is much more expedient to keep them in Moag Pens.

Not only do Moag Pens provide a central location to keep track of Moags, as well as attend to their rather substantial feeding and grooming needs, but they also serve as a convenient centralized training location. Gremlins particularly skilled at handling Moags work in such pens, making sure that young Moags learn to be saddled and ridden, hunt and follow simple verbal instructions. Several trainers work with each animal, insuring that the Moag in question develops an affinity for Gremlins in general, and not just one trainer. This proves invaluable in war, as the result is that any Gremlin carver can use any Moag as a mount.

Moag Pens also contain a small shop, which is capable of producing sophisticated Moag Saddles. Each beast requires a unique saddle, and though expensive, workshop-manufactured saddles have slowly been discarded in favor of custom-built saddles.

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