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Dark Elves Revealed

Moor Moag

With the physique (and twice the horns) of a huge boar, the temperament of a starving, rabid wolverine, the killer instinct of a wolf, and a smell that has no equal, the Moag makes a great hunting (and war) animal, but a horrible family pet. Bred by the Gremlins to be even bigger, uglier, and quicker to anger than their wild counterparts, Moor Moags have become as crucial to the Gremlins as horses are to Humans.

Moags are known to dart in and out of fights, rending flesh and breaking bones with their gigantic teeth, sharp claws, and massive horns. Though no one believes it at first, hardened combat veterans can tell you that there are few things more frightening than a horde of Moags on one side, blocking a retreat, while Gremlin artillery and infantry patiently advance toward you on the other.

Used primarily to support Carvers by engaging the Gremlins' enemies at the most inconvenient time possible, Moags are also used to dispose of spellcasters and artillery units. They are the bane and fear of archers everywhere.

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