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Dark Elves Revealed

Chaos Manowar

Summoned by Dark Elven cabalists, these mysterious spellcasting chaos creatures have earned the nickname "manowar" due to their strange appearance. Comprised of a dome of energy covering a core which is not disimilar in appearance to the less-advanced Chaos Elementals, Manowars are easily mistaken for jellyfish when flying low over the sea.

Being of chaos, the Manowar can manipulate chaos magic in ways that even Cabalists can barely understand. The Manowar can invoke both the Chaos Pocket spell, which surrounds a small cluster of units in chaos energies, preventing them from leaving or acting until the effect wears off. Immolation, a more volatile spell, envelops a single unit in chaos energies, slowly eating away at its lifeforce. Manowars, due to their massive size, can also transport a limited number of units across nearly any terrain. Unfortunately, they must drain all of their spellcasting energy in order to prevent damage to the units.

Used primarily for sneak attacks and amphibious assaults, Manowars have also been used from time to time to insert Grenadiers on the top of a cliff face, or to start an island encampment. Although it takes additional tools to do so, developing Manowar's magical talents can lend a significant edge, particularly in aerial engagements, or while assaulting an island stronghold. Chaos Pocket can hold a group of hostile air units in place for some time, while Immolation can easily remove defending spellcasters. Typical Dark Elven island assaults involve un-burdened Manowars clearing defending spellcasters, followed by Chaos Djinns (escorted by Chaos Elementals) destroying any static defenses. They are finished by several Manowars landing with a diverse collection of Dark Elven ground troops. Because of the wide range of abilities Manowars possess, they prove invaluable to the Dark Elven cause.

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