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Dark Elves Revealed

Gremlin Grenadier

Pyrite was discovered by the Gremlins, the tinkering slaves of the Dark Elves, when a mining camp stumbled upon the substance and mistook it for gold. Although initially considered nothing more than a curiosity, Gremlins discovered that pyrite actually has a wide range of military applications as both a useful fuel and powerful explosive. As with most other Gremlin endeavors, early attempts were disasters. The pyrite helmet, which exploded when struck, marked a low point in the creative process but later devices were considerably more refined.

The advent of the pyrite thrower, used by the Gremlin Grenadier, marked a substantial enhancement to the Dark Elven forces. Ever since the deployment of the first Grenadiers, the Dark Elves have no longer had to rely exclusively upon Warlocks and Chaos Djinns to break heavy fortifications.

The second generation Grenadier replaces the firing arm mechanism with a more sophisiticated cannon firing system. This provides slightly improved range, and greatly enhanced accuracy. The Gremlin Grenadier hurls volatile pyrite projectiles at long range, raining down fiery death upon those who would oppose the Dark Elves. Utilized primarily to break open fortified positions and pave the way for Dark Elven assault troops, the Grenadier is crucial to the Dark Elven armies. Additional information about the older version of the Grenadier can be found in its schematics.

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