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Dark Elves Revealed

Gremlin Furnace

Although low-quality metals and normal smithy forges are sufficient for most metalworking tasks, the Gremlin's needs are anything but normal. In order to satisfy their demand for stronger alloys, and purer metals, the Gremlin Furnace was developed. Though some speculate that the Gremlins really developed the Furnace just because they love to play with fire, the Gremlin Furnace has nonetheless become a major part of Gremlin manufacturing technology.

As the name implies, the Furnace is essentially a full-time inferno-in-a-box. It is capable of melting just about anything short of Dragon scales, and can easily purify almost any ore into pure metal. Consequently, the Furnace makes alloying extremely easy compared to the means other factions use. Although the Furnace can be used in combination with a Workshop to produce valuable goods that can be traded in peacetime, it is only used to assist in the production of Grenadiers in wartime. Because Grenadier cannons undergo such rapidly changing heat levels and immense stress and strain, conventional forging doesn't cut it.

Many Dark Elven Warlords have remarked that it might be more expedient for the Gremlins to utilize a more easily-produced and traditional catapult technology. There is some wisdom in the current approach, however. As the old Elven proverb goes, "Like a Gremlin and their toys...".

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