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Dark Elves Revealed

Chaos Elemental

Bound by Dark Elven Cabalists with ancient magics discovered in Sanduuram, Chaos Elementals have recently been seen fighting for the Dark Elves. Though their nature is to not be bound by form or will, the magics binding them cause them to appear as as a whirling storm of eye-like flesh globules with spinning, circling bands of chaotic energy, and a will for organized, systematic destruction.

Seen darting in and out of battles, destroying unprotected targets before the enemy can respond, Chaos Elementals exhibit the highest mobility of all Dark Elven units. Not only can they move as fast as the Moag, but they can also fly, allowing them to go places no land unit can go. Chaos Elementals are often seen high in the clouds, unleashing bolts of chaotic energy against other flying creatures.

Although Chaos Elementals find their destructive bolts somewhat less effective against ground targets (since earth is an embodiment of order), they are useful as both primary anti-air fliers and high-mobility skirmishers. They are particularly useful on maps where land routes are scarce or nonexistent, as they can interdict enemy attempts to land troops. Though they are seldom seen on the march with Dark Elven forces -- as it takes a powerful Cabalist indeed to bind them for such an extended period of time -- they are often seen in smaller battles and skirmishes, striking down all who would oppose the will of their Cabalist masters. Typically used in combination with other units in order to provide anti-air support, or to destroy vulnerable, valuable targets, such as artillery and spellcasters, Chaos Elementals are an integral part of the Dark Elven forces.

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