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Dark Elves Revealed

Dark Elven Dame

The ultimate femme fatale if there ever was one, the Dark Elven Dame is as ruthless and cruel as her male Warlock counterpart. Dames are elevated to their status from birth, upon evidence of spellcasting abilities. Thus, they tend to be notoriously arrogant, even for Dark Elves. Though Dames use their subtle, subversive magics extensively for espionage, or even in manipulating Dark Elven politics, it is said they have talents that prove useful in battle as well.

While their male counterparts, the Warlocks, wield overtly destructive magics, such as the famously fatal Cataclysm ritual, Dark Elven Dames devote much of their lives to the mastery of subtle, subversive magics. Though not readily apparent, these magics can easily have a larger effect on a battle than a Warlock's worst. Many merchant caravans have been completely decimated as a result of a sudden blindness afflicting all the guards, followed by an onrush of particularly bloodthirsty Gremlins led by the Dame responsible. Similarly, it is not uncommon to see enemy troops suddenly stagger in intense pain as a Dame casts the dreaded Agony spell.

Though vulnerable as stand-alone units, Dames add great potency to the Dark Elven forces. Besides the Dames' obvious usefulness in the art of ambush, Dames are also very potent when used for defense, or even frontal assault. Agony can easily slow down approaching troops, allowing Grenadieres and Marksmen precious time to administer additional punishment. The Dame's ability to invoke a Rage in any unit is incredibly useful when attempting to tear down an enemy base. Dames are invariably seen with larger forces, as their talents are completely indispensable.

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