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Dark Elves Revealed

Dark Elven Conclave

The Dark Elven Conclave represents the tenious, yet functional, understanding that Dark Elven Dames, Cabalist and Warlocks share. Although each group is fairly prideful and has a strong sense of group identity, they long ago realized that magic-users share many common needs. In order to maximize efficiency, common spell components, libraries and basic spell testing chambers are all contained in the Conclave, rather than the Atrum Basilica or the Arcane Catacombs.

Although the existence of a the Conclave can be a blessing to efficiency, it would create an untenable political situation without the existence of the Arcane Catacombs and Atrum Basilica. Without special locations for their needs, Warlocks and Cabalists quickly grate on Dames and vice versa. Dames don't take too kindly to Chaos Manowars mucking up their living space, nor do Warlocks appreciate Dames commandeering excessive resources for their numerous understudies. Fortunately, at least Cabalists are hard to offend, adding some stability to the mix. Although many Dark Elven Warlords might prefer a Conclave that satisfied all spellcasting needs, the truth of the matter is that the existing system is best possible -- which is all a Dark Elf ever asks.

Note: This building was in fact once the Libram of the Dark, but the Dark Elven Dames gave in to the need for efficiency and involved themselves in the arrangement.

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