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Dark Elves Revealed

Gremlin Carver

Doomed to be the fodder of the Dark Elven armies, Gremlin Carvers are neither enthusiastic about their station in life nor particularly eager to fight. Although one would expect uninspired troops to fight particularly poorly, Gremlin Carvers tend to fight quite well. This is not because they are innately good fighters, nor is it because they enjoy combat, but rather, because they fear the punishment their Dark Elven masters might dole out should their performance in combat be unsatisfactory.

Wielding the arc spear, a devilish device fueled by pyrite, the Carver can take some comfort in the fact that his weapon is among the most destructive hand-to-hand weapons ever developed. The weapon is similar to a conventional spear, but delivers searing bolts of energy at its tip, greatly enhancing the weapon's destructive potential. Though unconfirmed, it is rumored that with larger power sources, the arc spear can actually shoot destructive bolts nearly as far as the finest Dark Elven crossbows. It is unlikely that a Carver could actually carry the energy sources necessary to make this feasible, however.

Gremlin Carvers are the backbone of any Dark Elven army. Although they are not particularly effective compared to expert Dark Elven warriors, Gremlin Carvers are a dime a dozen. Perhaps more importantly, as non-Dark Elves, Gremlins are completely dispensable. Gremlin Carvers can be counted on to hold back even the most deadly enemy forces for a time, protect more valuable Dark Elven units, and rapidly sack and pillage settlements. Whenever Dark Elven forces are in the field, Gremlin Carvers are invariably seen in front, taking the brunt of the damage.

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