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Dark Elves Revealed

Dark Elven Cabalist

Secretive and powerful, Cabalists spend most of their time away from Dark Elven society, pouring over tattered arcane texts, or attempting newly devised summoning spells. After many accidents, Cabalists were "strongly encouraged," as the history books say, to keep their experiments outside the cities. Since then, they have grown even more reclusive than before and are only seen in remote portions of Dark Elven territory and near battlefields, marshalling their hordes of chaos creatures.

Though Cabalists possess little knowledge of conventional offensive magics, such as those used by Warlocks, they do possess a mastery of the ancient art of summoning. By executing bizarre rituals, Cabalists can bind Chaos Manowars and Chaos Elementals to their will. Using another special ritual, Cabalists can summon mighty Chaos Djinns, and ask them to fulfill the bargain struck between the Dark Elves and the Chaos Djinn Sultan years ago. Through a minor incantation, Cabalists can also shield themselves with the chaotic energies they normally draw upon to summon minions.

Though not useful in direct combat, Cabalists are the Dark Elves' only means to summon chaos creatures, and consequently any flying creature. Though sometimes Cabalists can be useful for "on-the-spot summoning," they are best left protected in Dark Elven bases, far from their enemies. A Dark Elven army without Cabalists is a Dark Elven army without air support. An army without control of the air is at a disadvantage... and it is well known how Dark Elves feel about that.

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