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Dark Elves Revealed

Atrum Basilica

Sprinkled across the territories controlled by the Dark Elves, Atrum Basilicas are regional headquarters of the Society of Dames. Modeled after the architectural style of ancient Sanduuram, the Atrum Basilica recaptures some of the ancient Elven Empire's past and power.

Basilicas share some similarities with old Human monasteries; they contain dormitories, kitchens, gardens, and other useful facilities for use by Dark Elven Dames. Unlike Human monasteries, however, there is no telling what dark plots, vicious intrigues, and devilish new magics are discussed and designed within. Cabalists and Warlocks, who sometimes exchange magical information with each other and the Dames, claim that Basilicas often have huge caches of magical items and substantial arcane libraries.

Dames require a headquarters from which to orchestrate their plots and intrigues. Because of this, they force Dark Elven commanders to construct an Atrum Basilica before they will lend their aid. In the rare cases when Dames accompany a Dark Elven force without a nearby Basilica, they often lack their more powerful spells.

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