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Tom "Zileas" Cadwell

Tom Cadwell (Zileas) holds but two offices at Ethermoon Entertainment: Project Designer, and Supreme High Coordinator of Irrelevant, Boring and Useless Details. Fortunately for the well being of the game, he focuses primarily on the first, while wielding the second with iron-handed tyranny when the need emerges. It is also rumored he does some "webmaster" thing, but it is well known he doesn't possess any spider-like mutant powers.

Tom graduated prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2001 with a BS in Comp Sci, and a concentration in literature. As for professional experience, Tom held a design position at Pandemic Studios over Summer '99, and taught a game design class at MIT over January '00 (syllabus and course notes can be found at Tom has also worked on a number of other game design projects, including work for Pandemic Studios on Battlezone 2 and Dark Reign 2, a full design for Kriln MUD (which will be opened to the public soon), miscellaneous work on Duris DikuMUD, and random other stuff that no one knows or cares about and is thus not listed.

When it comes to gaming, Tom (hereafter Zileas) is far geekier than you can ever hope to be. Not only did he write an extremely popular StarCraft strategy guide, but he also won the Blizzard Brood War Beta Tournament. Besides his widely known StarCraft achievements, Zileas has played an enormous quantity of other games. His favorites include Star Control II, Starflight, StarCraft, Planescape: Torment, Thief, Ultima V and VI, Crusaders of the Dark Savant, Duris DikuMUD, XCom: UFO Defense, Master of Orion, and System Shock 1 and 2.

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