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Fred "Praetor" Wilson

Fred Wilson's responsibilities at Ethermoon Entertainment include creating new web-based content for Strifeshadow as well as developing and extending the Strifeshadow universe and characters. Fred is a second year student at the University of California, San Diego, cheerfully pursuing a double major in History and Comparative Politics. Fortunately for Ethermoon, he's never been set on the career paths normally offered by these majors. While not possessing the actual powers of a deity, Fred looks forward to creating and relating to gamers a brand new world.

Fred has written several short stories, starting with a fondly-remembered fan-fiction for Privateer. He's better known and respected for the mammoth work Phoenix Legion, a novel-length fan-fiction. After starting with game-related works, Fred branched out. He is a published poet and continues to write his own novel when he's ahead on his work for Ethermoon.

Fred has been a gamer for a long time, and holds many treasured memories of games that were above all, fun. The list of games he could talk about for far too long include Genghis Kahn, the Wonder Boy series, Super Mario Kart, and the snail-maze game. After consoles, he discovered the PC and enjoyed one of the greatest games ever, Star Control II, going on to enjoy such games as Privateer, Scorched Earth, HQ Command, Civilization 2, WarCraft II, and StarCraft.

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