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Rob "Big Chill" Chilcott

Rob Chilcott is the musician / sound man onboard the good ship Ethermoon, doing his bit for Anglo-American relationships by being based in England. While his geeky passion for words and essays has lead him to a degree in English Literature, his eternal passion is for all things audio -- particularly movie and game soundtracks. Composing since his Amiga-lovin' days in the early 1990s, Rob's talents now cover all things MIDI and audio. Currently, his main forum for musical expression is, where he holds several pages, the main one of which is -- there you'll find a great deal of quality fantasy music for download, and a CD ("What the Dragon Heard") to buy if you're feeling generous.

Rob has been a rabid / avid games player since an early age, holding such games as the Final Fantasy and Resident Evil series' in high repute, and particularly admiring Nobuo (Final Fantasy) Uematsu and Nathan (Tomb Raider) McCree as his game soundtrack-composing heroes. Rob believes game music to be an often sadly overlooked aspect of video games, and hopes to feed Ethermoon's audience a sonic treat they can't ignore.

His nickname, thebigchill, contrary to popular misconception, has nothing to do with the movie of the same title -- it is, in fact, based on his abbreviated surname, "Chilly" -- and the "big" bit refers to his artistic ego.

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