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The Accursed

Infernal Hive

The Infernal Hive is a strange structure even by Accursed standards. Necessary to bring forth Dark Locusts, the warped tower twists the mental call of Accursed summoners into something that will attract the voracious creatures. Once constructed, Necromancers can summon swarms of the rapacious Locusts and send them to devour anything in the path of the Accursed army.

Hives also serve as a focus for Locust swarms, giving them a central point where they regenerate in between excursions to the surrounding lands. This is quite handy for Accursed generals when they need to keep the swarms in a central location and away from targets not meant to be simply obliterated. It is theorized that minuscule tunnels and feeding areas within the hive might also be manipulated to alter entire swarms, making the Dark Locusts even more valuable to Accursed commanders.

Tall and irregular, the Infernal Hive is as unlike other Accursed structures as Dark Locusts are unlike other of their tainted creations. Rarely is more than one seen in an entire region, a result of both the fact that a single Hive can provide for massive swarms and the care taken by Accursed generals to keep the Locusts under control. Some Shade Tyrants have suggested underground Hives could be produced far more cheaply by having the Locusts make their own network of underground tunnels. This idea has been rejected by more cautious Accursed leaders not only not only because of the need to keep watch over Dark Locust swarms, but because the sight of a Hive has been known to cause an immediate reaction by enemy forces, which often disband and flee in fear of the inevitable swarms to come.

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