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The Accursed

Fortress of Despair

As the first building erected when Accursed forces secure a new foothold, the Fortress of Despair is a bold statement concerning The Accursed's commitment to the area. Providing the basis for creation of a full-fledged Accursed military complex, Fortresses are capable of raising Zombie Thralls and also have the equipment to receive tainted Aether and the space to hold large quantities of Ikon and Arikon.

In addition to these abilities, the Fortress of Despair also serves as a regional command center, with the highest ranking Shade Tyrant in the area typically inhabiting the central tower. Visiting emissaries of lower rank are housed on the first floor, in clearly inferior quarters. It has been speculated that the feudal nature of the Accursed hierarchy might stem from the necessity of placing Fortresses as focal points in a tainted Aether network, and the inevitable power plays between the masters of these Fortresses.

Whatever their place in determining the pattern of the Accursed hierarchy, Fortresses have spread across the land, assisting The Accursed in tainting and consuming ever more Aether. The Fortress is perfectly suited to the unrelenting nature of the Accursed, as it is capable of receiving supplies and functioning even when under heavy attack. They are built to last, because once The Accursed take control of an area they intend to hold it forever. This attitude more than the threatening nature of the building itself may be the cause of the structure's full name among the living races

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